Rebekah Roth

​  After a thirty-year airline career and now enjoying her retirement, Rebekah Roth set out to write her first novel.  In searching online for a name to give a character, she discovered several of the accused hijackers from 9/11 were and still are alive.  Several of them had had their identities stolen, a fact she found confirmed by the director of the FBI.  Upon that discovery, Rebekah dedicated thousands of hours to research the details and discovered what really happened to the planes, passengers and crew members that day.  The results of her research formed the basis for her first book Methodical Illusion.  
Following the release of her first book, Rebekah quickly became known and respected worldwide as the foremost authority on 9/11. She was contacted by many researchers, and professionals that offered her expert knowledge, government documents and even eye witnesses reports.  Her ability to zero in on the facts follow the trails of the people and corporations that planned, executed and prospered from the methodically planned 'terror' event has brought to the surface many details never before discovered or openly discussed.  Much to her dismay, she also learned that several government agencies covered up some of the most important and telling details of that day. Rebekah has a special way of weaving reality and truth into an entertaining story in which you will discover more truth than fiction.
Her first book's popularity and success reconfirmed that the entire world was hungry for the truth about 9/11 and she was encouraged to follow up with the sequel Methodical Deception.  Her straight on delivery of the facts is unparalleled and riveting.  Standing on the side of truth without fear, she delivers through her interviews, presentations and writing every unbelievable detail she has discovered. 
Rebekah still has more data to plow through but felt what she had discovered needed to be brought forth as quickly as humanly possible. She continues to receive information and contact by people who have important information to share about this event and will continue to inspect each bit of data as it is uncovered.
Rebekah has become a radio host as well as a guest on many radio shows from around the world.  She still loves to travel but her days of flying are in the past, she prefers to travel on the ground which allows her to see the things she flew over for so many years.
She loves to hear from her fans so please feel free to send her an email message.